At 07:31 PM 2/15/97 -0500, Maureen Jalbert(
>Who is the lord of the shadow world?Who is this Cold Rider,or whatever?

The Cold Rider goes by many names. So he is reffered to by all of them at
some point. The CR travels with an undead army across the Shadow World. He
is why the Halflings packed up, and started moving out. Many of my Players
think he is the Ghost of Azrai, and his undead army is the corpses of the
beings who fought for him at Mt. Deismaar. Of course they have no proof, but
it does make an intresting story. Not much detail is givin on the CR in the
rulebooks, but the BR novel, The Iron Throne covers him well. Although it
does more to build mystery around him then answer any questions.

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