Hi Sebastian,

A connection between a regent and his land is really a powerful roleplaying
tool. I know it's not used the same way in all campaings, or none at all,
but here,s the way I see it:

The regent knows the general situation of the land (people included). He
feels when the people get angry at him (his loyalty levels), when
development makes the land less magical (when the province rating increases
and the source level decreases), maybe even when a terrible threat just
moved into the area, like an abobination (I feel a striiring in the Force -
oups, the maighbail ;-)

It might be possible to make the bond emotionnal, too, like King Arthur in
the Excalibur movie. As long as the regent is healthy and vigorous, the
land prospers, but if he becomes decadent or lazy, harvests diminish,
livestock becomes thinner, etc. Or is it the other way around... ? The
relationship could be so close that no one can say exactly who's
influencing the other.


>I have been playing Birthtight for some months now, and I play a
>Thief Regent in Coeranys. The thing that was never really clear to me
>is the colse connection the blooded regent has with his land. Please
>tell me how do you out there play this? Or is it just the prerogative
>to be able to become a regent sec? I would like to know how to
>roleplay this dilemma. What does a thief regent 'feel' what does he
>'know' about what's happening etc.etc.?
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>Sebastiaan G.P. Berendse
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