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>Hey Folks!
>Has anyone read anything about the role of the halflings in the events on
>Desimaar? From what I understand, the halflings did not even start
>showing up in Cerillia until after the battle, when, apparently the ties
>between Aebrynis and the Shadow World became closer.

I've heard two versions of the halflings story. The rulebook states that
some had "arrived in Cerilia in time to witness the battle of Mount
Deismaar." This implies that there could be blooded halflings.

Since the rulebook went to print, I have heard other discussions state
that halflings were not a part of Cerilia before Mt. Deismaar blew. They
lived in their own world, completely separate from Cerilia. When the
gods destroyed themselves, providing the Blooded status to the warriors
and creatures on the field at Deismaar, there were no halflings present.

Shortly after the blow up, a great evil entered the halflings world. Its
source may be revealed by TSR eventually, but for now, the Usurper or
Dark Rider or Shadow Lord is an extremely evil being that descended on
the halflings fair world and turned it into a place of evil. As their
world gradually corrupted, as the undead came to life and took over more
and more of the land, the halflings learned the secret of the portals
and first entered Cerilia, well after the events of Deismaar.

Since that time, many refugees have come across and set up their own
settlements, hired on with regents throughout Cerilia, and otherwise
made themselves at home. The only way they could have any Blood Ability
would be if they somehow cross-bred with a Blooded individual or if they
managed to steal the Blood Ability using a Tighmaevril weapon. Since
there are only a dozen such and they are rather jealously guarded, it is
unlikely that a halfling would ever get his hands on one.

So, there are two halfling histories. Any votes on which one is more
relevant now?

- - Bob Clardy