Hey Folks!

Has anyone read anything about the role of the halflings in the events on
Desimaar? From what I understand, the halflings did not even start
showing up in Cerillia until after the battle, when, apparently the ties
between Aebrynis and the Shadow World became closer.

I find this very interesting. Here are a whole race of characters who
have no access to the blood except through bloodtheft. This is truly
amazing! Why? The halflings could fall under domination by an evil
humanoid lord. While fierce and ferocious fighters, they do not have the
advantage of regency to combat the power of the blooded regent. Then
again, they could always go back to the Shadow World! Yeah, like that is
an option. What would happen if they became the vassals of a benevolent
lord who encouraged their growth and used them to his advantage for the
excellent thieves, farmers, and special forces that they could provide?

What about the Halfling realm in the Havens of the Great Bay expansion
set. THis occurence is indeed an oddity! This is really cool stuff!

If anyone has any info that I am not aware of, please drop me a line.