I do have a PC coming from Kiergard, and he fled to the dwarves in
the south (baruk-Azhik) with whos help he escaped and still lives. He
is now their main figure in Coeranys in the Royal Guild of Baruk
Azhik, but if there are opportunities to go back, he would surely
consider it. The way I constructed his past is like this: Kiergard
was overrun a long time ago and since then several
oprisings/rebellions have taken place. His family had a dormant
bloodline for years (they never knew) until his dad found out that he
could persuade people quite easily, which made him (in relationship
with other traders) a fairly rich man, but he longed for more. He
joined a rebellious group and under his (devine guided) voice he
raised pretty nice a rebellion. But as most rebellions under the
Gorgons rule, it was short lived. Dad killed, found out he had a
bloodline, which was very much to the Gorgons liking to obtain. So he
came after me and the rest of my family (who had been sent south by
my dad before the revolution) but I managed to escape. I haven't had
thought about being one of the last of my bloodline, but I will give
it a thought soon. Anyway if he could see that there is a stable
situation with no Gorgon around, he would try to set up more of his
(banking) guild in Kiergard ASAP.

S.G.P. Berendse

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