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>I believe I saw that TSR is going to release a module/boxed set/booklet
>about a kingdom outside the scape of Cerlia. I don't remember where I
>saw this but it sounded interesting. The outsiders would not have the
>enchanted "BLOOD" abilities. I wonder what sort of powers they might
>have? I was also wondering how many people play regents and how many
>play blooded adventuring scions? A campaign with regents might look
>something like a David Eddings novel while blooded scions would be much
>like a typical AD&D adventure.

We play in a campaign where everyone is a regent. I am the only Guilder and
hold no provinces. We have no-one who is exclusively a mage or priest. The
biggest problem is coming up with reasons for the kings to go _adventuring_.
And when they do go and don't dispatch retainers, there is the problem of
all the personal bodyguards and sharing the experience.

Any suggestions for reasons for the kings to be adventuring. We used the
situation of a royal hunt before affairs of state where the kings could get
away from it all, and had an incident come up. We can't use monsters because
a king would dispatch his best to eliminate them. A king would not go to a
dangerous place for relaxation. So as you see we are running out of ideas.


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