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Thread: New worlds

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    David Zenz

    New worlds

    A special thanks to Nathan & Terri. I knew I saw something about a new
    world introduced into the Birthright setting. I look upon this new world
    with hope that TSR might explore other cultural backgrounds. Perhaps
    this new world could re-introduce us to Asian settings?(I miss OA) South
    American, North American, Australian, African,and other cultures have not
    been used as RPG settings yet. Although I love European material it is
    all too common.

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    Steve Zaccardi

    New worlds

    On Feb 18, 16:17, Brian Green wrote:

    | However, I have to disagree with Steve's statement about demihumans in
    | general/Cerillian Halflings in particular. I think Birthright did a
    | wonderful job of giving the "poor-cousin" Halfling race a shot in the
    | arm and making them a more interesting option. Instead of being a race
    | of cheerful, fat thieves, they're actually an interesting race! The
    | same for the Dwarves (although I think the 1/2 damage from blunt weapons
    | is a bit much) and Elves (Yes! Got rid of the Munchkin Dream Racial
    | abilities! :).

    Brian, I agree with your disagreement. What has been done with the existing
    fantasy concept of Halflings in BR is leaps and bounds above the historical.
    I particularly find your comment about "cheerful, fat thieves" as a general
    description of the Halfling race prior to BR, funny and on the mark!

    As for the elven race, your comments are again on target. To find a description
    of elves that totally defies the typical frolicking, merry makers of the woods
    or giving them characteristics that come very close to Star Trek Vulcans,
    is one of the most refreshing things in BR for me. For those who are interested
    in reading an excellent novel describing the elves of Cerilia (particularly
    the Sielwode) I highly recommend the BR novel "Great Heart".

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    Steve Z.

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