Oh what a night of playing it was last night! First of all one of the
players had forgotten about it and made other plans so we improvised
his PC, oh man we never lauched more about the exploits of Braedon
our most trusted and noble leader (?NOT!) who upholds the law so
valiantly (and without any sprank of intelligence or wits). But
Braedon turned out to be more effective with his sword than we had
ever seen, petty he wasn't there. Then after some debate we dispached
a band of crossbow bearing Gnolls, them stupid dog who stand upright.
We came to an elaborate situation: A giant room shaped like the inside
of a ball with bones on the bottom and stepping stones (some 30)
across it. Fall from the stone, fall horribly and probably be
pulvarized by a big ground stone, at least that was what it looked to
all of us. I (5th lvl merchant) tried to cross it, but it couldn't
be done without falling. So backtracked and we picked up a bound and
gagged Gnoll we hadn't killed. Our beautifull elven Enchantress
enchanted the dude, but by some flick of the tongue (and the general
mindset of the players at that time) made it a very amourous
situation for our friend Bello and the elf, or at least that what he
wanted to happend to tell about his high intellect, for he knew how
to cross. SHE MASTURBATED HIM!!! in order to make him speak, this, as
you can imagine, was an extremely hilarious situation, but one which
made us come further (he did also) and be done with it. It turned out
to be an elaborate illusion. Got across it and came upon a small
fluorescent and noncorporal cat (Sidenote: we were seeking the
abducted Second Swamp Mage from Osoerde, we regents from Coeranys
promised this to Moergen, rightful ruler of Osoerde.) The cat stalled
us long enough to encounter some Gnolls again and again which we
dispached with some luck. Then the cat came forward again and changed
into a manshaped figure who began insulting us for cowards and wimps
(your average evil mage). We fought and fought, abd though we hurt
him, it never seemed to do much (even hacked an arm off and he put it
right on again). So, fighting with 2 rapiers (excellent piercers) I
decided to take a chance and aim for his heart (just had the idea
sitting on the loo, man this is where greats thoughts are born!).
Came back into the room, anounced my action to the DM, and we
agreed:only on a 20, so I rolled...a 20! I was astounded (the DM
especially) for it worked, I had guesseed right, the dude was blooded
so I got some 2 fine points (not difficult with a bloodscore of 11),
so here sits a happy man at his terminal. I'll look up a bard for
this remarkeble deed.

S.G.P. Berendse

There is a world just around the corner of your mind
where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.
You may escape into it at will, you need no secret password,
magic wand or Alladins Lamp, all you need is your own imagination...