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    Rasmus Juul Wagner

    My home campaign

    This is the status of my campaign.

    The Player Characters:

    An elven Thief/Mage, regent of Northern Imports/Exports (except for a few
    holdings), as well as a network of sources.

    The regent of Mesire, a Khinasi mage.

    The Hierarch of the Oaken Grove of Aeric.

    The Thane of Talinie and Thurazor, a human fighter (yes, a fighter), as
    well as a Chaotic Evil Half-elf fighter-thief who is an agent of the

    There are two more players in need of characters, and one person plays
    Mheallie Bieron, regent of the Guilds of the North, as a strictly
    political enemy of the PC's.

    Major Campaign Events:

    An unblooded halfling assasin working for Northern Imports/Exports tried
    to assasinate Mheallie Bieron and was captured. His thumbs were cut of, he
    was rolled in tars and feathers, and sent back to his master in a cage
    with a sign around his neck saying "mr. Pipsqueak".

    Dhoesone purged her land of guild-run law holdings by the use of military
    force, and passed laws banning armed guild members in Dhoesone.

    In southern Markazor, a minor Awnsheg, the Scorpion, was killed, and the
    Lion Sword of Haelyn was recovered by an agent of the Northern Imperial
    Temple of Haelyn. Unforunately, a unit of Knights of Haelyn from the
    Southern Imperial Temple of Haelyn, led by Knight-Commander Rowan Wayward,
    showed up and claimed the sword.

    A few months later, Talinie, with the aid of mercenary captain Damien
    Blackthorn, conquered all of Thurazor, and forced all of the indigenous
    population to flee into the Five Peaks. The goblin king managed to kill
    the Thane and escape with the treasury.
    But Thurazor is now open for settling.

    The goblin king fled to Cariele and attempted tobuy political asylum, but
    Mheallie Bieron killed him, cut of his thumbs, and had him rolled in tars
    and feathers and sent to Talinie in a cage. Just like the illustrious mr.
    Pipsqueak, the Worlds Most Famous Assasin, with No Thumbs but a very Broad

    The Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn decided to split off from Talinie,
    and is now a domain of it's own.

    Mr. Pipsqueak is dead, as he was captured and summarily execeuted by a
    crusader of Haelyn's Aegis for the murder of a priest.

    ************************************************** ******
    Rasmus Juul Wagner
    Technical University of Denmark
    ************************************************** ******

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    My home campaign

    Can I play in your campaign?

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