At 11:43 AM 2/6/97 +0000, Jaime Matthew(
>I like the idea of a world without returning from the dead (it
>cheapens life in AD&D if the risk is removed) and have decided that
>it is beyond the scope of the Clerics in my Birthright game.
>There MAY be a way to raise the dead, but I haven't decided yet.

Another thought has occured to me after reading the posts that have come up
recently, about raising the dead, that may help, or may not. What if the
only way to return from the dead was a Priest's Realm Spell? This way it
could be eaiser for low level characters to return, but would become more
difficult as they rise in levels. Although I have worked out the basics for
the spell(see below), I'm sticking to my original plan(Priest Reincarnation
only)in my own game, but I thought it might meet the needs of another DM.