At 11:43 AM 2/6/97 +0000, Jaime Matthew(
>I like the idea of a world without returning from the dead (it
>cheapens life in AD&D if the risk is removed) and have decided that
>it is beyond the scope of the Clerics in my Birthright game.
>There MAY be a way to raise the dead, but I haven't decided yet.

In my BR game, the only way a character can come back from the dead is with
the 7th level Priest spell Reincarnate. Paying close attention to the fact
that the new being will only remember part of his past life. As I haven't
really had to actually deal with this in a game yet, I'm still undecided
about the effects of death on BAs, but I'm tending toward a complete loss of
them. Whether or not, the killing blow stole their BL. IMHO, the cosmic
force(for want of a better term)that this mortal has absorbed, is reclaimed
by the universe when he/she dies. Prehaps even the new Gods themselves
somehow drain the BL. Of course this is just in my campaign, and I'm sure
others have their own ways of handling that problem.

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