Could anyone be so kind as to delineate all the ways which bloodlines can be
transferred? In particular the usage and effectiveness of using bloodsilver?
What other means of bloodtheft are there?
How much of the bloodline is transferred?
If bloodtheft of an amount greater than the strength of the recipient's line occurs does the
derivation change to the new strength?
Has anyone come up with new and interesting ways to transfer bloodlines in their
In one of the domain sourcebooks it hints about a bloodsilver needle necklace? Does
anyone know any more on this?
How do you gain blood from killing an abomination?
Sorry about the inanity of these questions, but I , a novice, am playing a marginally insane
CN Elf of Azrai derivation, whose current plan is to try each and every means of increasing
his bloodline strength at least once. (In our campaign, this elf is just a few elves short of
being called the Sidheslayer (: )(He is also a few beers short of a six pack but thats
another post)
Thanks in advance for your sage responses...