Ok, question for the day! :)

On the hardcard (cardboard sheet) that details the Gorgon
from the origional boxed set the following is stated
in the Gorgon's description (it's the last paragraph
before his combat style is detailed on the backside):

" Some say that Daen Roesone, the founder of modern
Roesone, is distantly descended from this most fearsome
of awnsheghlien."

According to the rules for blooded children as described
in the main rulebook on page 29, a child has the derivation
of the stronger parent's bloodline, and a strength equal to
the average of both parent's strength (the weaker having
a diluting effect on the greater).

Now then, we all know that the good old Gorgon has a
True bloodline, STR 100+; which is going to give *any*
of his *immediate* offspring a deravation of Azrai and a
minimum STR of 50.

The only way for someone related to the Gorgon to
have a differing bloodline (Roesone's being Brenna's)
would be through them having a parent of the different
line of greater strength produce offspring with this
descendant. (As relation to the Gorgon gains more
distance (ie: more generations) the odds of this

So it can be said that Daen Roesone is at best a
grandchild of the Gorgon (one of his parents would have
a bloodline: Azrai, str 50; as I don't see anyone having
a bloodline higher than the Gorgon's coming around any
time soon I will assume that the first generation of his
offspring will always be of Azrai's (and at least 50).
And we can deduce that Daen had a bloodline str of
at least 25 at birth.

These are the things I have deduced thus far in
searching the books on this issue. I'm curious about
the rest of you though. I've cared for all the numbers
but haven't looked toward the story yet for this.

If you've concidered this heritage:

1. How close to the Gorgon did you place Daen?

2. Who were Daen's parents?

3. What plans for this line did/does the Gorgon have?
(as he's always got his finger in the pot of Anuire)

4. Do the current members of the Roesone line
know they are linked to the Gorgon?

5. What else have you done with this???

I guess I'm going for a catchall directed at those of
you who have worked on this. To me, this is a great
plot developer for the Southern Coast (as the regent
of Roesone might someday discover/explore this
link; and as other regent's might use this "link" to
justify action against Roesone). So I am really
looking to meld the best of what others have done
with what I have thought on this so far into my
campaign(s) story(ies) and really have some fun!

Thanks for your time.