In Dragon #236, there is an excellent BR article about the Ruin of
Adlersburg. This wire-frame style scenario is just what they need to do more
of. It gives just enough info. that each DM can tailor it to fit his/her
campaign. Even Players can read this, and it dosen't affect its usefulness.
Mr. Stark did a fine piece of work with this article. Below I have included
a version of the Ghost of Duke Adler that I made to use in my game. I put it
together with help from the RL supplement, Van Richten's guide to Ghosts.
Before putting him to use I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about
how they might use the Ruin of Aldersburg in their game. How about some of
those legendary items that are rumored to be buired beneath the tower?, and
just what other evils do the cursed ruins hold? And of course there are
always the tests that must be passed in order to enter the tower's upper
reaches. Any suggestions on using this haunted place in a campaign would be
appreciated. BTW, not to start up an old discussion again, but notice how
once again a powerful figure, with the resources of a small nation, failed
to insure that at least someone would try to bring him back should he die
untimely. Which he did. I know the ruins are cursed, so that may have
something to do with it, but it still makes you think.