The following are modifications that I use in my campaign, posted FYI and
comment. The premise is that nonhumans have various aptitudes and
weaknesses relative to the human norm assumed in action resolution checks,
and that particular attributes and proficiencies (I use the Skills and
Powers rules) may further modify character's aptitudes.

Actions through Lieutenants are modified by the Lieutenant's skills etc.,
but a Lieutenant's skills do not apply to general realm managment or actions
taken by Regent.

Dwarves (good engineers, fiscally sound, inclined against generosity with
funds and sneakiness): +1 to Build, Fortify, # of GB affected by Finances.
- -1 to Espionage, Grant.
Elves (poetic, emotional, sneaky; not financially oriented and somewhat
undisciplined): +2 to Agitate, Diplomacy, +1 Espionage. -1 to
Create/Contest/Rule Province/Law/Guild, Trade Route, # GB affected by Finances.
Goblins (good builders, not very personable): +1 Build, Fortify, -1
Diplomacy, Agitate.
Halflings (personable, good merchants, not oriented to violence or
sneakiness [a campaign specific halfling trait]): +1 to Agitate (positive),
Create/Contest/Rule Guild. -1 to Create/Contest/Rule Law, Espionage.

Racial Traits:

Engineering Bonus: +1 to Build.
Expert Haggler: +1 to establish Trade Routes, Create, Rule or Contest Guild
Magic Identification: +1 to Create, Rule or Contest Source Holdings.

Fighter Traits:

Captivate: +1 Agitate.
Leadership: +1 to Create, Rule or Contest Provinces or Law Holdings.
Supervisor: +1 on Fortify actions.

Thief Traits:

Bribe: on a successful skill check, Regent can add +1 to Espionage rolls.

Bard Traits:

Alter Moods: on Charisma check, Regent can add +1 to an Agitate roll.
Rally Friends: on a Charisma check, Regent can add +1 to an Agitate roll to
increase loyalty.

Priest Traits:

Detect Deception: if successful, can learn who is behind an Espionage event.
Divine Voice: +1 Agitate.


Assassin, Smuggler, Spy: Espionage +1
Cavalier: Agitate +1, Espionage -1
Diplomat: Diplomacy +1
Jester (Entertainer): Agitate +1
Merchant: Create/Contest/Rule Guild +1, Trade Route +1
Noble: Rule (any) +1
Soldier: Declare War is a Free Action.


Administration (Spells and Magic book): on check, reduce Domain Maintenance
cost by 25% (round down) a Domain Turn, also on check reduce GB cost of
Domain Action by 1 GB (to minimum of 1 GB).
Cryptography: on check,+1 to Espionage rolls.
Diplomacy (Spells and Magic): on check, +4 to Diplomacy Domain action, added
to the recommended list for Diplomat kit.
Etiquette: on check, +1 to Diplomacy rolls.
Investigation (Spells and Magic): on check, a -1d4 to a hostile Espionage
Law: on check, a +1 bonus to Create Holding, Decree, Rule or Espionage.
Local History (for Province): on check, +1 to Agitate, any Contest for
holding in Province.
Numeracy (campaign specific skill indicating ability to do math beyond
addition and subtraction): on check, +1 to number of GB that can be affected
by a Finances action.

Traits & Disadvantages:

Bad Tempered: -2 Diplomacy, -1 all Rule actions except Source.
Compulsive Honesty: -2 to Espionage, -1 Diplomacy.
Coward: -2 any Contest action.
Irritating Personality: -1 Agitation, Diplomacy.
Lazy: -1 all Domain/Realm actions.
Phobia - Crowds: -1 Agitate.
Precise Memory: +1 to Rule Province, Guild and Law.
Tongue Tied: -1 Agitate, Diplomacy.

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