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    Wyrd (Edward Quigley)


    I like the idea of contributing ideas regarding our campaigns to allow for possible
    variables for other Dms to subject their PC's .
    In our campaign, after escaping the Spelljammer, our crew found itself in Cerilian
    Space. (I know, you cant get there from here, but it was all the Spelljammers fault :) )
    Our racially mixed crew (namely a space pixie (elven imperial officer), a berserker, a wyld
    mage, an invoker, a dwarf crafts priest, etc., arrived/crashed in SW Ghoere, at the
    beginning of a war between the Elven Nation of Roessone and Human nation of Elinie (?). It
    was a dirty little war instigated by Ghoere to deplete his neighbors. The party arrived too
    late to stop the majority of the war but did show up just in time to be near the kings of the
    two nations as they cleaved into each other. Scrambling to pick up the pieces of the
    deception the elven imperial officer and the beserker were invested by the respective
    regents. Promptly Baron Teal showed up with much force and kicked both armies out of his
    back yard.
    In short Aernwne and Roessone races were traded prior to the campaign, but it was a
    pretty good way to get around the problem of having two new PC regents right next to each
    other. And it avoids the problem of having two PC regents only being able to expand into
    each others territories. Any ideas on what spin this should put on the Anuireian empire?
    The obvious is that the elven nation wants to reclaim the Erbannien forest.
    A few rather silly questions: Do elves have to be blooded to cast realm or battle
    spells? How do elves do the right of investiture if they have no priestly magic? It seems that
    bloodtheft is rather wasteful for a peaceful transfer of power?

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    Definently. I think the elves would want that resources back in their hands.
    Also, Roesone is one of the major players in Anuire, I believe. It has a
    fair size army and, if it is elven, those are some pretty tenascious elves
    that must be pretty good when it comes to war. Their favor or displeasure
    could probably tip the balance in many political situations. Also, some of
    the reghents would really want to see them gone, and I'm sure the elves would
    share the sentiment.

    In our game, the elves origannaly could use realm magic whenever they wanted.
    It was a natural ability of their race. Then deismaar happened. The
    disturbance in the magic was so great that they lost the ability to use the
    realm magic. Only those elves who are blooded have the ability and the power
    to tame the magiv of cerilia.


    My undersatanding was that battle magic waorked just like regular magic. You
    just can't really use it any where but the battle-field. (Takes to many
    people to cast one spell.)

    Ceincorinn Seabharinn
    (Ben Ekdahl =

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