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    Jonathan Picklesimer

    Dwarven Human Relations

    On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Seb Berendse wrote:

    > Well remember that there were severe human vs, elf wars in the past
    > long gone (if I'm correct) and I bet that this would be a remniscant
    > of that period. In the first adventure I played in Bright, we
    > discovered an old human defensive stronghold (created by dwarves) in
    > Coeranys, very close to the border of the Sielwolde. According to the
    > DM this was a remniscant from those war periods when humans battled
    > the elves for the elves didn't like their lands being taken by those
    > short lived pesky humans. What do you all think?

    While I am sure that there are several old fortifications about from the
    elven-human conflicts, I doubt that the dwarves would have gotten
    involved. While from one point of view, it is simply a business
    transaction, the fact that the dwarves would support the enemy of their
    elven allies should and would have lead to strained realtions between
    these two groups.

    Unlike the Tolkien settings, and several other of the AD&D worlds, the
    dwarves and elves on Cerillia get along well. THey have settled their
    differences long ago (see the BR timeline) and still have cordial
    relations with one another. THe dwarven nations have exhibited a long
    history of isolationism and protectionism. Even now one clan of dwarves
    has closed its doors to outsiders, and the dwarves of Baruk-Azhik are
    very wary of outsiders. I don't think that these dwarves would casually
    surrender their famed nuetrality by constructing a fortified holding for
    the humans.

    Thak Stonehead
    Dwarf of Baruk-Azhik

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    Dwarven Human Relations

    In a message dated 97-01-31 19:10:44 EST, you write:

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    Seb Berendse

    Dwarven Human Relations

    I don't think that these dwarves would casually
    > surrender their famed nuetrality by constructing a fortified holding for
    > the humans.>>

    > I agree. From what i remember ( i don't have the timeline with me) The
    > dwarves went into seclusion during most of the war didn"t they? So I doubt
    > that they helped build a human fortification. A dwarven DESIGNED
    > fortification, though, is a much different story. Who knows where a person
    > could have gotten the designs. It would allow for the business transaction
    > without directly siding with the humans.

    That surely sounds plausible, another matter might be, that they
    weren't that much neutral and helped to build an outpost for the
    Elves, but they lost it to the humans. One thing was clear at least:
    built by (drawings from) dwarves, and especially the stone
    craftsmanship allowed a totally construction by dwarfs plausible.
    Hell, why wouldn't it have been a dwarven outpost in the first place?


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