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    Jonathan Picklesimer

    Binsada Source Book

    Hey folks!

    I recently bought the sourcebooks for both Binsada and Tournen. I
    thought they were both decent, but I am really interested in the plot
    line introduced in the Binsada SB.

    The high priest of Leira, had a "vision" that showed the regent of
    Binsada standing at the foot of the Iron Throne. He took this to mean
    that she was to conquer all of the old Anurean Empire and claim the
    throne for himself. The SB does not make it clear whether or not the
    priest really had a vision, or if he is making this story up in order to
    advance his own desires. Even if he really did have a vision, it seems
    that his interpretation would be risky at best.

    Anyway, I think this is a really exciting idea because it provides an
    "external" threat to the empire which my prompt neutral regents to form
    alliances in order to stave off the attack of the Binadan Cavalry. Of
    course, whether Binsada can fight its way throught the Harrowmarsh and
    then make it through the mountains in either the Chimeron or Baruk-Azhik
    in order to threaten Anuire is still to be seen. However, if they were
    to conquer Sendoure, perhaps Zikala, and maybe grab some of the Sphinx's
    land and part of the Harrowmarsh, they may be able to build up enough of
    an infantry to make it through the mountains in safety.

    Also the Binsadan SB portrayed Zikala as a hostile neighbor. Much of the
    concerns of the Binsadan royal advisors concentrates on either the
    expansion of the church of Avani, whose leader, evidently, is out to
    increase her own political power, or with the Zikalan infantry. What is
    the deal with that? My perspective on Zikala from the Cities of the Sun
    was that it was a pretty nice place to be. The current Grand Vizier is a
    little preoccupied with his magical pursuits, but is he really so much so
    that the high priestess of Avani and his scheming uncle can threaten
    neighboring domains with eminent military action?

    Just a few thoughts!
    a.k.a. Thak Stonehead

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    Patrick McCormick

    Binsada Source Book

    Hello peoples,

    I'm new to this lis, but not entirly new to the Birthright campaign. I
    have started an Ad&d page that is based around Birthright and you are
    all welcome to visit.

    You can find it at -

    Don't expect too much, it's pretty much still in development. Though
    there is this really nice new class I created called the IDOL.

    By the way, you can all call me "Mick".

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