Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avalible
in the city of Anuire for 1 sp/copy.

Southern Anuire News. Issue 2 (1/Roelir/567MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
From her Imperial City offices.

Produced once every three months
Correspondents include:
Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roeonse Intel (only sorce of infomation from within Barony)
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Cieron Elvenshadow, Caine the wizard.
Avanil - Stephanie Vaumel
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Osoerde - Leara Riehaven
Illien - None, usually Maire Cwillmie
Spiderfell - Caine the wizard.

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.


With the Regent of Medoere still missing, and the church saying nothing new,
there is little to report, apart from the increasing problems with the
spider's goblins ransacking villages in Caerwil. Fortunately the Medoere army
has so far been able to stop the monsters from causing to much damage yet. The
weather over Medoere also continues to worsen with many powerful storms


The Baron of Roesone Farrel Kawn returned from his holidays in Illien were he
spent his time appointing a new governor to look after his affairs and
transferring captured Illien money to his treasury in Proundglaive. Illien has
now become part of Roesone and as a result of the successful war taxes have
been lowered throughout the kingdom with much celebrations from the populaces.
After returning to Proundglaive and bringing the affairs of the kingdom back
to order, the Baron set out for the Imperial City on important business.
In other news several units of Ghoere forces were seen practicing maneuvers on
the border recently, units of the Roesone army have been deployed to be ready
for any possible threat.


The Southern Alliance is seeking allies in all parts of Cerilia, mainly in the
southern regions. Enquire within in Roesone, Medoere, Illien, or Osoerde.


Baron Diem has been busy, rebuilding the kingdoms armies from their near
defeat three months ago. However he did find time out to visit the court of
Darien Avan, but little is known what was discussed in this meeting.
In several places in eastern Diemed groups of armed men have been reported,
roaming the land, looking for something, or someone. Until the Barons recent
trip to Avanil the Diemed police was keeping a very close eye on these men,
but now they seem to have free reign to go where they will.
The weather has been fine and sunny in most of the kingdom with worsening
storms and rain along the eastern border with Medoere.


It has been a very eventful couple of months in Endier, with two unexpected
trips by the Regent, several festivals and a major war fought on the northern
First the Regent left Endier for over a month on an unknown mission to the
south. Little is known about where he went on this trip, but it is known that
the Wizard Caine did travel with him.
Soon after he returned from his trip, the Regent was invited to Ghoere to
visit with Baron Tael. It is unknown what occurred during this journey or a
the court of Gavin Tael. All that is known is that somehow the Baron of Ghoere
disposed of all of El-Hadid's bodyguards and tried to imprison the regent.
Fortunately he escaped and managed to return by some unknown magic just in
time to lead the Endier army
into battle against Ghoere. The battle pitted nearly 2500 Ghoere soldiers
against a much smaller Endier force, supplemented by Avanil Forces, and 3
units of monestrous soldiers summoned by Caine. For more information we cross
to our battle corespondent.
The battle began with Ghoere's Sword Mage casting a powerful spell that
destroyed 600 Endier soldiers even before the battle had begun. Caine the
wizard quickly responded by summoning poison gas from the ground killing 400
Ghoere warriors. Then the battle was truly joined. A unit of Ghoere knights
charged down the right of the field straight at the Avanil soldiers, who
immediately withdrew from battle giving
most of the right field to Ghoere, and leaving Endier in serious trouble. The
Avanil forces are believes to have withdrawn back to Avanil on the orders of
their regent, begging the question why were they in Endier at all, if not to
fight Ghoere.
Caine ordered his summoned Gnolls forward into battle, where after killing
some 300-400 Ghoere soldiers they were destroyed by the Sword Mage. Things
were looking bad for Endier before the knights of Haelyn entered the battle,
charging down the center of the field destroying infantry as they went. The
Sword Mage summoned several balls of fire to wipe out many of Endier's knights
before teleporting
away, his spells having been exhausted.
Meanwhile the Knights of Haelyn had been trapped in the centre of the Ghoere
forces where they were destroyed, but not before they had wiped out almost all
of Ghoere infantry.
By now the battle field was awash with blood and bodies with Endier's forces
reduced to only 400 knights, and 200 infantry. Ghoere still had 800 soldiers
on the field, and 3 units of artillery in reserve ready to assault the city
Fortunately for Endier the Regent is a master of Strategy and his remaining
Knights eradicated the Ghoere forces, losing only the unit of infantry. The
Baron of Ghoere escaped with his artillery, although his forces still threaten
Endier from the north. This single battle is though to have cost more lives
than the entire war between Avanil and Boeruine.


The Regent of Endier has placed a bounty on the heads of the following
Lenviath Da Enlien of Medoere 40,000 gp
Farrell Kawn of Roesone 30,000 gp
Cowan the Sword (mercenary) 10,000 gp
Cowan's Horse (Charlie) 2 gp (If it is killed before Cowan)
Lenviath's Sword 'Righteousness' 6,000 gp

[ If anyone wishes to attempt an assassination on any of these characters send
information about you character, and a description of our strategy to and I will use your characters as NPC assassins in my

Upcoming Festivals.

Adu El Hadid's Birthday Roelir 3
Festival of Flowers Roelir 24
Festival of Victory Roelir 31 (celebrating victory over Ghoere)

Imperial City:

Life in Anuire has been very uneventful as of late, with only one item of
interest. The appearance of a party of about 230 Dwarves who exited from the
ruins of the Royal College of Sorcery bearing large packs, and dragging heavy
looking sacks. The mages guarding the entrance into the ruins were unimpressed
by the Dwarves story of thousands of Orogs, and battle beneath the city and
forced the Dwarves to hand over several large sacks filled with gold ore.
The Dwarves were talking about a massive battle between themselves and
thousands of Orogs, when asked how they survived, they admitted to having the
assistance of two human clerics, a knight and two walking statues. Most
observers dismissed the Dwarven tale as nonsense. The Dwarves left for one of
the Dwarven kingdoms to the east soon after exiting the ruins. In unrelated
news a small earth tremor
swept through Anuire four days ago, no damage or injuries were reported.


1) The Southern Alliance is seeking allies in all parts of Cerilia, mainly in
the southern regions. Enquire within in Roesone, Medoere, Illien, or Osoerde.
2) Brave Khinasi warrior, age 40, seeks female of Charisma exceeding 17, for
romantic horse rides, and long tedious adventures.
3) Regent Adu El-Hadid seek warriors to remove troublesome peoples, apply at
Caer Endier in Endier.


The war with Boeruine is finally over, with a truce between the two sides
being signed on the border three weeks ago. The truce was believed to have
been brought about by the massive losses of life on both sides, and the fact
that neither side has the resources to continue the battle.
In related news Avanil has withdrawn the 1000 soldiers in Endier after
striking a deal with Baron Tael of Ghoere. What was in the deal is unknown.


The spider still seems focused on Medoere at the moment, sending several
raiding parties of Goblins into Caerwil province to ransack villages and scout
the Medoere forces.

Other News:

Travellers in the eastern Rjurik lands have reported large numbers of
monsters heading north from the Gorgon's Crown. It is unknown where they are
heading or why they are heading north, but it is believed they are on a
mission for the Gorgon.

After the defeat of Ghoere's armies at the battle of Endier, the baron has
had to watch his borders very closely to keep his kingdom intact and safe
until the Ghoere army can be rebuilt.

Gaints and Orges have been raiding out of the seamist mountains again.
Severl villages have been plundered. Many people living in the region are
becoming nerveous.

The Seadrake seems to have become dormant recently have being injured in a
battle with a large galleon, just south of Avanil. The owner of the galleon
is unknown.

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Just the latest news from my campaign, most of the articles above relate to
events occuring at the moment as seen from the eyes a NPC wizard based in the
Imperial City, and other NPC encountered by the player while they have been

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