Well, we still are unsure of what caused the mailing lists to severely
backlog over the past couple of days. It appears to be a complex
combination of bugs in Majordomo 1.94 and network instability at MAE-East
(between Sprint, MCI, and UUNET).

We took this chance to upgrade to Majordomo 1.94.1 which should address
several bugs. As of this morning, all of yesterdays backlog was flushed
except for sites that were having problems today. Tuesdays backlog is
still being worked on and those messages should get out today.

I apologize for the less than normal performance over the past couple of
days. I suspect that as our number of lists grow, normal response time is
going to slow down somewhat, but it should never get to a crawl like we
have seen over the past couple of days.

Any way, we are going to keep an eye on it and keep our fingers crossed.