Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avali=
in the city of Anuire for 1 sp/copy.

Southern Anuire News.

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel from her Imperial City offices. =

Produced once every three months
Correspondents include:
Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roeonse Intel (only sorce of infomation from within Barony)
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Cieron Elvenshadow, Caine the wizard.
Avanil - Stephanie Vaumel
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Osoerde - Leara Riehaven
Illien - None, usually Maire Cwillmie
Spiderfell - Caine the wizard.

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.

Medoere: =

The regent of Medoere Lenviath du Enlien is still missing from the kingdo=
m. A
spokesman from the church of Rournil would only say that the regent was b=
doing the gods work and could not be reached anytime soon. Also missing i=
s the
regent wife Alana du Enlien and Cowan the sword, leader of a local mercen=
band that fought on Medoere's side in the recent Illien campaign.
Weather over Medoere has been growing steadily worse of the past two week=
since the regent was last seen and many are wondering if the storms and d=
skies are a sign that something has happened to their regent, or maybe a =
of their gods disfavour in his work.
Despite the regent being unavailable for his lordly duties the current hi=
rate of taxation continues with many local merchants being bled dry by th=
On the merchant front, the Ports of Call Exchange guilds have vanished fr=
the kingdom over the past three months and a new guild, The Seven Seas Tr=
Consortium has sprung up to take their place. Many in the provinces of Al=
& Braeme are happy with this as the end of the Ports of Call Exchange mea=
the lifting of the shadow of the evil Adu El Hadid from Medoere. The rewa=
rd of
20,000 gp remains on his head though.


Roesone slumbers under the peaceful rule of Baron Farell Kawn, who is
currently holidaying in the newly captured province of Illien restoring o=
and bringing its unhappy citizens under his kind and gentle rule. Since t=
Baron's routing of the evil Adu El Hadid many parades have been held to
celebrate the people freedom.
The mighty undefeated army of Roesone has returned home in triumph with o=
minor losses. Almost all of the huge Illien army was crushed and only a f=
scattered survivors limped away by ship to Diemed. =

With the capture of the Illien treasury the happy people of Roesone rejoi=
ce in
the knowledge that their Baron will spend it to improve his castle and pa=
thereby making Roesone a more prosperous land for everyone.
Tax collection in Roesone is at an all time high with the people contribu=
all they can to aid in the war effort.

Note: This report provided by Roesone Intel, making life better for you!


Peace has returned to the land once again after the recent troubles. With=
assistance of Adu El Hadid and his forces fleeing from the wars to the ea=
Baron Diem and the Diemed army has driven off the invading Ghoere & Endie=
forces, although at a terrible loss of life. Before the arrival of some 1=
soldiers =

from Illien, Diemed forces had been reduced to only 600 men based in the
province of Ciliene. The sight of a thousand heavily armed Illien knights=

charging across the farmland to strike the invaders from behind lifted th=
spirit of the besieged man and the combined force drove them out of Dieme=
d and
all the way back to Ghoere, capturing Endier on the way. =

The Baron granted the province of Endier to Adu El Hadid who had lost Ill=
before heading into Diemed to assist the kingdom. Money captured in the t=
of the river city is being put to good use to restore the armies of Dieme=
Adu El Hadid has also promised to spend some of his fortune to assist the=

Baron in the rebuilding campaign. An alliance has been signed between Die=
and the new ruler of Endier bringing former Diemed land closer to returni=
ng to
their original owners.
The weather has been fine and sunny in most of the kingdom with some stor=
and rain along the eastern border with Medoere.
In other news a small battle was fought in Moere last week between a grou=
p of
mercenaries and an unknown group of assailants. The only bodies found wer=
those of the mercenaries, believed to be from a group based in Avanil. On=
of the bodies was a scrap of paper offering a large reward for the sword =
the regent of Medoere. Who the mercenaries fought, who was offering the
reward, and what is so special about the sword has yet to be determined.

Endier: =

Peace has returned to Endier bring to an end finally the trouble that hav=
plagued this nation for several years now since the death of the former r=
Guilder Kalien at the hand of an assassin. The forces of Ghoere have been=

driven from the province and the kingdom is once again in the hand of a
merchant prince as it should be.
Taxes are not being levied on the people at the moment, and the parties a=
festivals put on by the new regent have calmed the peoples fears over his=

rule. Most citizens have now gone back to making money and life seems to =
Most of Guilder Kalien's former lieutenants have been employed by the new=

regent to assist him in ruling the kingdom. Not much is known about the n=
regent as he has spent most of his time indoors in private, he has even b=
servants from living in the castle choosing instead to have them enter th=
castle only when they are required to work. Most people have not even see=
n the
regents face as recently he =

has taken to wearing long robes and hiding his face from the public. The
people seem not to care though, as long has their taxes remain low and th=
kingdom is peaceful.
The former Endier noble army has been replaced by the forces the arrived =
the new regent. He has yet to expand on this army though.
The new regent has also announced the building of a new treasury to store=
kingdoms weath in. The new treasury will also act as the citys bank, and
citizens are encouraged to allow the city to protect their wealth from

* In late breaking news it has been announced that an alliance between En=
and Avanil has been singed and from next week, nearly 1000 Avanil soldier=
will be based in norther Endier to keep in check the expansionist designs=
the Baron of Ghoere.

Upcoming Festivals.
Day of Rebirth Sarimiere 0
Riddle Day Sarimiere 15
Army Day Talienir 7
Adu El Hadid's Birthday Roelir 3
Festival of Flowers Roelir 24


1) Caine offers large sums of money for rare items. Inquire at Caer Endie=
r for
list and rewards offered.
2) Adu El Hadid offers large sums of money for a change self or similar s=
Scrolls, rings, amulets etc that have a similar effect will be rewarded w=
vast sums of money.
3) Caerem the hammer, a city smith has been found guilty of plotting agai=
the lawful regent of Endier and has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonme=

Imperial City:

No further seawolfs have been found after last month problem. The actions=
several Nobles in town for a meeting with Chamberlain Dosiere are believe=
d to
have disposed of all of the monsters.
In an unrelated incident an Orog was captured recently inside the city, h=
the beast entered the city, and from where he came is yet unknown. The
creature has so far refused to answer any questions.
In other news the Royal College of Sorcery has announced that anyone seek=
to enter the ruins of the old college must pay for the privilege. The Col=
has been distressed of late by the large amounts of treasure being brough=
t out
of the ruins without them ever seeing even a copper. Now any entering mus=
t pay
a fee of 10 gp, as well as hand over 25% of all treasure recovered. The
college has backed up this =

threat by stationing several mages on guard around the entrances into the=

On the guild front, everything seem peaceful enough with all of the guild=
working together to maintain their hold over the cites income. A new guil=
d has
recently been established, The Anuirian shipping company, believed to be
dealing in spices a goods from the far east. This new guild has yet to ga=
in a
foot hold in the city though.


1) Wanted, good men for an important mission. Apply at the Black Bear Inn=
, ask
for Andre.
2) A reward of 40,000 gp has been offered for the head of the regent of
Medoere by the ruler of Endier, further rewards of 20,000 gp has been off=
for his sword, 6,000 for his wife, and 6,000 for the mercenary Cowan the
3) The wizard Caine of Endier offers large rewards for dragons blood, soi=
from the shadow world and other rare items. Apply at Caer Endier for a li=
st of
item required and rewards offered.
4) The imperial theatre company has a new production, The Death of Michae=
Roele stating soon and require actors. Good pay can be expected.
5) A reminder that a reward is still offered for any information about th=
Seawolf attack on the harbor recently.


The war with Boeruine continues, with the Avanil army retaking the provin=
of Portage and Bayside. It is expected that the Boeruine forces will soon=
driven from all of Taeghas. The death toll from the war so far risen to n=
5,000 with losses being about equal on both sides. In related news Darien=
today announced that nearly 1000 of Avanil's eastern army will be moved t=
Endier to prevent any further aggression by the Baron of Ghoere against t=
southern kingdoms. This redeployment is not expected to effect the war wi=
Officials have also been concerned with the large numbers of Orogs being
spotted within Avanil. This is not normal, as until the last year or two =
Orogs had been seen.
In other news Darien Avan has offered a large reward of 20,000 gp for a s=
now believed to be somewhere in Medoere or nearby. Details of the sword a=
its current owner can be secured at most local military and law enforceme=


The spider is reported to be very upset with Medoere at the moment, somet=
about the loss of a valuable sword of other item of importance. Large num=
of goblins and spiders have been heading into northern Caerwil looking fo=
this item. So far they have caused no damage but their numbers are growin=
Sources in the Medoere army are very worried, especially with the recent
disappearance of High Priest Lenviath du Enlien. The priesthood has given=
report on the trouble in Caerwil yet.
In other news a large ball of green flame was seen rising into the air in=
souther parts of the Spiderfell several weeks ago. The cause of this is
unknown but the wizard Caine of Endier has told local ruler not to worry =
whatever the cause was it must have been something to do with the wizards=
inside the Spiderfell.

Illien: =

Reports from this city are unavailable at the moment due to the recent ba=
taking place there. The last message from the Illien correspondent report=
that the Roesone forces had closed the city to all travellers but merchan=
and everyone entering the city was being searched. Citizens of Illien are=

reported to be very unhappy with the situation.
The Baron of Roesone is believed to be within the city at the moment or
Sea travel from the city is running normally for the moment.


Duke Moergen, vassal of Roesone and Medoere has reported that almost all
Osoerde forces returned safely from the wars in Illien and Medoere. Only =
130 soldiers died, and the Baron of Roesone has promised to pay for the
In other news the northern border is now secure with the redeployment of =
Osoerde and Medoere forces along the northern border.
A festival is to be held two weeks from now to celebrate the 10th year of=
rule of Duke Moergen. It has been ten year since Medoere & Roesone combin=
with William Moergen's militia to throw down the former ruler. Since that=
the land has been peaceful and prosperous. Duke Moergen is expected to ma=
ke a
speech in support of a lowering of the amount of tribute payed to Roesone=
Medoere in return for Osoerde's help in the recent wars. It is unknown ho=
w the
rulers of Roesone and Medoere will respond to this request.

Other News.

Ghoere is once again forced back within its borders licking its wounds af=
the recent battles with El Hadid and Diemed. It's reported that the baron=
seeking revenge. Several well known assasins have been seen entering the
Baron's castle. When they left they were carrying large heavy looking bag=
they hadn't entered with.

In Aerenwe there have been reports of strange foriegn soldiers seen withi=
n the
kingdom. These strange men have been been seen several time in the south =
the kingdom recently, but only in small numbers.

Two robed priests and an armoured knight enter the imperial city a week a=
The faces of all three were hidden so their identities are yet unknown. T=
are said to have travelled straight to the Ruins of the College of Sorcer=
y and
paid the mages in gold to enter the ruins. They have yet to return.

Large numbers of armed men have been seen watching travellers entering an=
leaving Endier, Anuire and several other towns and cities up and down the=

Maesil river, there purpose is unknown, but this reporter saw them check =
piece of parchment often as they watched travellers.

3 ships were lost to the Seadrake this month, after refusing to pay the
monster. This is an increase on last month when only 2 ships were lost, b=
ut a
decrease on the 5 from two month ago.

The Gorgon is reported to be on the march, heading north to battle agains=
t a
kingdom of Dwarves said to lie somewhere north of the Gorgon's Crown. Sur=
this new activity from the Gorgon is bad news for all of Cerilia.
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Just the latest news from my campaign, most of the articles above relate =
events occuring at the moment as seen from the eyes a NPC wizard based in=
Imperial City, and other NPC encountered by the player while they have be=

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because just like me you're totally dead.'

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