Greetings again,
I was pleasantly surprised, when I heared of those fellow regents
who seem to have the same wishes as my master Caldoun. When I told
him of those two secret organizations, one with the esteemed member
Gavin Runecloak and the other being named 'The Guardians of Cerilia',
he was quite agitated and confided in me, that he himself had founded
a secret organization with roughly the same goals in Spring 556 MR!
I couldn't believe it - he hadn't even told me, his trusted freind
about it (OOC: in our campaign it is Spring 557 MR.) He also confided
in me, that only one member of the Inner Circle of that Organization -
The Brotherhood of the Invisible Flame - he doped them, suspects him
in being the true founder and leader of the brotherhood.
Caldoun now entrusted me with a letter to the leaders of those two
organizations, which I am proud to deliver - or at least I hope, that
I can be proud, for I wasn't allowed to read it:

(A small cloud seems to move out of sync with the others in the sky
and you get the feeling, that it is descending toward you! As it comes
nearer it seems to be shrinking. When it finally hovers ten feet above
your heads it has only the size of a large trunk. The small cloud
seems to blur a little bit around the edges and slowly two pools of
blue skylight form, reminding you of a face - albeit a very cloudy
one. Suddenly it exhales and a voice is brought forth from its cloudy
innards: "To The Guardians of Cerilia and the High Nightmaster Gavin
Runecloal I bear this letter, may Ruornil be their light to lead them
on." Then the cloud seems to grow again and move up into the sky to
meet his brother clouds up there. In front of your feet lies this
letter :)

To the members of The Guardians of Cerilia and
to the High Nightmaster Gavin Runecloak,
I hope Cloudy hasn't surprised you too much, but it was the most
convenient way to send you this message. Just fairly recently I had
the pleasure of finding out about your organizations and hope that
this will be the beginning of an alliance of our respective
networks - if you are willing. I speak for The Brotherhood of the
Invisible Flame, which seeks to fan the flames of friendship between
the people, the people and their ruler and among the rulers
themselves, for the more we squabble amoung ourselves, the easier it
will get for the enemies of light to crush us.
We found evidence, that certain evil powers work together - under
the name of the Alliance of the Skull and Raven - to crown a puppet
emperor to serve their vile wishes. I was hoping that you might have
heared anything bespeaking of such activities, or other dark deeds our
enemies might have in store for us. If so, please contact us.
Hoping for a closer contact between our organizations I remain,

The Maqued One, High Flame Lord

I hope that my cloud messenger will reach you, the descriptions of you
I could get from Caldoun were pretty vague.

Galen Gloranon
(happy for finding out about all those secret org.)
aka Wolfgang