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Thread: The newsletter

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    Brian Green

    The newsletter

    Well, here's the current status:

    Laura Braslow
    - --- Asst editor, Rohrmarch

    Jonathan Picklesimer
    - --- Does WWW design, can HTMLize.
    Coeryanis or Osoerde, Baruk-Azhik, Keirgaard, Hogunmark,
    Cimeron, Sielwode.

    Jaanus Lillenberg
    - --- HTMLing and WWW space, giantdowns, Aerenwe

    Ian Hoskins
    - --- Southrn Anurie, Roesone, Medoere, Ilien, Endier.

    This is what people will do and the areas they can report on.

    I need to contact Laura to work out a system so we can both work on the
    newsletter. (Email me, Laura? :) Anyone else interested in getting
    information can contact me. I'm thinking of setting up a mailing list
    that people can mail to.

    If anyone else wants to contribute to a certain area, then mail me what
    you want. Pardon any spelling mistakes, I've mostly cut-and-paste the
    information from mailings I've read.

    More info to come once I get the specifics worked out with Laura.

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    Brian Rider

    The newsletter

    I am an old FR person and really enjoy the feel that the Harpers gave to
    the world. I am starting a campaign that is based around a group founded
    by a high Cleric of Ruornil. The group is titled the Protectorate and has
    a symbol that looks like an obscure key. The items given to the members
    are in NO way the god slaying items like the "standard" Harper Pin. I am
    still compiling the writeup on the items (as they very by the class) of
    the identification of the members. As well as the political and social
    effects of the group.

    I figured that this might be something of interest to the group/newsletter
    readers who wish to have some sort of a covert/sneaky group whose sole
    purpose is to get information about the lives of races living on Cerilia.
    Protect the lives of the defenseless, avenge the wrongs done to the land
    and its people, and eat away at the defences and armies of the

    Brian Rider
    High Nightmaster Gavin Runecloak, TrueShield


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