At 11:06 PM 1/19/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Greets to all of you on the Birthright Mailing List.
>Birthright is definitely one of my favorite campaigns - except for one
>thing - I strongly dislike the Combat System - the War Cards are nice for
>perhaps the first or second small battles - but on a larger ongoing
>campaign the rules aren't that good - I think they get boring after a
>My question is this - has anyone out there developed other systems for mass
>combat - I know of the old Battlesystem rules - but since they're out of
>print, they're impossible to get hold of here where I live, in Norway. In
>my current campaign, chances are big that the main regent will try to wage
>war on Ghoere - and I'd like to have some great solution for sorting out
>this battle.
>Any suggestions ?
>Greets, Per-Karsten

I must agree, I feel there is a need for a more involved Mass-Combat

Jeffry "Dark Raven" Welfare