The LG alignment can make things terribly difficult on the rest of the
PCs,and thereby be a lot of fun! I gave a CG ranger and from time to
time, he would almost ask someone to escort the LG paladin with us into a
different room, and at times into a different realm, so that the ranger
can do what is morally right although the law says that it is wrong.

Yesterday, a LG fighter in the group nearly caused the destruction of an
excellent deceptive effort on the part of a very complex thief in our
group. The thief wanted him to lie about his intentions, and the LG
character took this as a direct challenge to the moral laws by which he
lived. Of course, this decision caused a great deal of stress and a
hysterical encounter between two PCs who knew each other, but where
sort-of-trying to pretend not to!

We almost have to have these extreme alignments in order to provide the
game with a sufficiently drastic contrast in world view to provoke action
by the parties. A group of TNs may never do anything because none of
them may have strong enough feeling regarding an issue to force the party
to act upon a situation. Whereas with a LG, CG, LE, or CE character in
the group, you are bound to have enough strong emotion about an issue to
prompt action.

Just my 2 GB