Hail and Well Met!

I am really excited because I had a terrific adventure with my BR group
yesterday! It revolved around rescuing the second cousin of the queen of
Hogunmark from impending death at the hands of the White Witch for being
a spy. My party really enjoyed the adventure and it could make a very
nice Adventure action or it could be used for an Intrigue, or Great
Captain random event. I started to send a message detailing the story,
but I got carried away. :) Now all I am doing is telling you that it was
a BLAST and that I almost have it written up so that someone else could
use it!

If you are interested, I can send you a long e-mail message that pretty
well details the adventure, and then if you are want to use it, I could
write it up a bit more formally and e-mail it to you.

Mail me personally for the details, OK?