Just a note on alignments:

I view pure selfishness as an Evil act. Stealing bread to survive is
probably not lawful, but easily not evil. Stealing bread because you
can is probably not lawful (depending on your rank and privileges), but
is my opinion evil.

I agree with the general feelings of this list, that law vs. chaos
reflect the general group vs. individual feelings of a character.
Perhaps to put it more clearly, it indicates the means a person is
willing to use.

I think that good vs. evil is how you see yourself as compared to
others. Good people tend to see themselves as part of the whole, and
usually think that you must consider others before you act. Evil people
tend to think of themselves, reguardless of others. Good vs. Evil
indicates the ends someone wants to achieve.

So, using my example, here's the four extreme alignments:
LG: One must follow the laws so that the whole may benefit.
Or, use the means of the law to achieve the end of benefiting society.
CG: One must be an individual but not at the great expense of others.
Or, use any means to achieve the end of benefiting society.
LE: One must follow the laws and use them to gain legitimate power.
Or, use the means of the law to achieve the end of personal power.
CE: One must be an individual no matter what the costs to others.
Or, use any means to achieve the end of personal power.

To describe the neutrals, you must find a middle road between each
extreme, so a neutral person on the Law/Chaos scale would see that some
laws are necessary, but some are to restrictive and should be struck
down or ignored. An example is civil disobedience.

A neutral person on the Good/Evil scale would see themselves as part of
the whole, not necessarily more important than others, but definitely
not less important. For me, this is a bit fuzzy. When playing a
character, I have a hard time really playing a *N character.

Another part where my philosophy falls apart is TN. According to my
definition, the TN person is truly schitzophrenic, trying to achieve
many different goals at one time. I think that perhaps the TN person
would separate themselves from Law/Chaos or Good/Evil labeling, being a
totally impartial being. However, I'd find it hard to believe any
mortal being could do that.

On Paladins:

I think the non-LG "paladin" would have to be the paragon of his
alignment. I really only see the four extreme alignments having very
strong "paladin" types. The PHB Paladin class is a good LG paladin, and
my previous post to the list explains my views on a LE "paladin"-type.
What about chaotic types? Could a CE person truly dedicate himself
enough to a diety to gain powers? Would he give up his individuality to
gain empowerment from a god(ess)?


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