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    Franz Berthiller

    [Fwd: Paladins]

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    Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Paladins

    >Hi, there!

    >All I want say, is that it is dangerous, if the DM just ignores the
    >alignment restrictions and don=B4t change anything else on the character.
    >I fear that this can spoil the game.

    First off, Paladins aren't the only class with alignment
    restriction. If a Cleric commits acts against his God, then he's in
    trouble too.
    Secondly, why *must* alternate Paladins just be duplicates of the
    PHB Paladin without the alignment restriction? A CG Paladin could have a
    whole different set of restrictions and abilities.

    >For example two characters in a party play Paladin-characters, one the
    >LG-guy we all know and the other a modified CG-Paladin.
    >I believe it could get frustrating for the LG player, when he sees how
    >difficult it is for him to keep up his high standards, while the other
    >one is just messing around (in the eyes of the LG-guy) without being
    >penalized by his god, the DM, or anyone else.

    That's ridiculous. A: What you're descibing could *always* be
    true, regardless of the class makeup of the party. A LG Paladin could be
    *just as put out* by the behavior of a CG Priest or Druid. B: Why does the
    LG Paladin *have* to look at the CG Paladin, who has his own restrictions
    which *could be* just as restrictive as the LG Paladin's, and think he's
    'messing around?" Why can't they respect each other? I referr you to the
    Diamond Throne series by David Eddings which is, in essence, an entire
    series about a Party of Paladins all from different churches and different
    alignments who *like* each other.
    The problems you're describing could be true of anyone with any
    conviction in a party. If you *decide* to play a character that way, fine,
    but you can't argue it's *innate.*

    >I really love the play a Paladin. And in my campaign just the most
    >unusual, devotest, bold, fearless and honarable personalities can be

    Look at each of those adjectives. Any of them could apply to
    anyone, regardless of alignment. You can be *evil* and still value honor,
    devotion, boldness, and lack fear!

    > As long as the character is LG, I believe that he can never
    >loose his goal and maintain his virtues all the time.

    Whoah, you mean a LG character can't stray from his alignment? I
    know you don't mean that, so I'm confused. What Virtue is might differ
    from culture to culture, alignment to alignment. Therefore it could also
    differ from Paladin to Paladin.

    >I guess we are not argueing about paladins, but about kits.

    Ick! I *hate* 'Kits.' Kits are just role-playing ideas for people
    with little imagination. Kits were the worst idea anyone at TSR ever came
    up with. What I'm talking about are actual subclasses! Not just
    'variations on a theme.' Ick, ick, ick. I *liked* it when Dragon Magazine
    offered new and different *classes.* When 2nd Edition came out, and there
    were so many 'kits' that they decided tor release The Complete Minutae
    Books, I stopped reading Dragon!

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    Brian Green

    [Fwd: Paladins]

    About Paladins:

    I agree with whomever said Evil people can still have honor, courage,
    etc. I've played an "Evil Paladin" on a few occasions. I think they
    are a very good alternative. :)

    Basically, the "Evil Paladins" I have played where LE. They upheld the
    laws, but mostly because the laws benefited them and gave them an avenue
    to power. The philosophy of my Evil paladins have been to spread the
    philosophy of his/her god and maintain order (of course, with him or
    herself as part of the ruling elite).

    An example of a class of Evil Paladins is in the back of one of the
    Dragonlance books, the Knights of Takhisis (sp?). They are the
    "opposite" side of the coin for the Knights of Solamnia. I'm not a huge
    DL fan myself, so I don't remember the name. :( Although they state
    the class is for NPCs only, they give exp tables and everything. :)

    Although I usually don't like playing Evil charcters because of the
    conflict they cause in a party, I do like LE "paladins" because they
    have to have such a strict sense of honor. If their superiors command
    them to protect a party of adventurers (even if they are all LG), he
    will do so willingly and without question. He knows that it will serve
    the greater good (evil?) to do so. However, he will have his limits,
    won't let the party push him around. He always knows that he can do
    what he wishes, but that he will have to explain himself to his
    superiors, and perhaps face punishment for his actions.

    As far as conflict with LG Paladins, I see it this way: Unless the
    opposition is one that you find weak and miserable, they are to be
    respected for their honor and prowess. It would be a shame to kill such
    a person without first trying to win them to your side....

    I think that the LE version of the "paladin" make for exellent
    role-playing opportunities. When I played one, my superior ordered me
    to kill an unarmed person. Although my character didn't like doing it,
    he knew that he had to. Turns out the person wasn't 100% unarmed, and
    threw up a wall of fire. Because he had to follow orders, my character
    walked right through the wall of fire (at tremendous damage to his
    person) and slew the victim.

    The party didn't like me after that, but they *knew* that I would follow
    my orders and not harm them if I were not attacked first. A kind of
    grudging respect.


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