Franz Berthiller wrote:
> In my eyes a paladin must(!) be good (why should a LN character have a
> Protection from Good aura about him, when he needs a Protection from
> Good as much; or why should he have the power to turn undead, when he
> could use them in his plots; Cure Disease, Lay on Hands, etc.).

First of all, A Paladin is just a warrior of the church. And all
Churches *could* have warriors. Just because they're not LG doesn't
mean they *can't* have a military arm.

[Per-Karsten Nordhaug]
You call a a Paladin "just a warrior of the church" ? And actually mean it
? I think you should read up on what a Paladin really is - I know the
Paladin I play in the Planescape session would be seriously disturbed from
being dismissed as such. The Paladin is more than a church warrior (for
those with access to the Spells And Magic Supplement, the Crusader
presented there is closer to a such...) - He (or She for that matter) is
the embodiment of Good - the pillar to lean on as a bulwark to Evil. It is
right that all churches can have warriors - but that does not mean they are
Paladins !

Secondly, why should all Paladins have Protection from Good? Again, I
refer you to Dragon Magazine Issue 109. Lots of different paladins, one
for every alignment, each with different powers and with different xp

[Per-Karsten Nordhaug]
I guess you mean Protection from Evil ? Anyway - Paladins for other
Godhoods shoud NOT in my understanding be called Paladins - call them
holy/unholy warriors, whatever - Paladins they'll never become - no matter
what some issue of Dragon says...

Per-Karsten - representing Sir Kelber Thar - Aasimar Paladin of the Celtic
Deity Diancecht - Protector of the good, the weak, defender of all things
good - living by the Credo "Honor and Good above All" - and that means even
religious matters !

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