Why is it that slaying an awnsheghlien might taint you with the Bloodline of
Azrai, overwhelming your own, but there's no indication slaying someone with
Brenna's Bloodline could overwhelm your own (say Reynir).

Or for that matter that someone of Azrai's line need worry about slaying
someone of Anduiras'.

Is that there is some sort of downward spiral and only "corruption" is
possible in this way? That only an "evil" bloodline would be so
presumptuous as to replace another already in place?

(PS thanks to those who responded re Ruling up domains, I agree that looking
at level as a function of economic sophistication as much as population
works. Still don't think there are 10,000 spare dwarves lying around
waiting to answer the call though, even if you wait a couple of years.)

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