About paladins and rager RP collection, Mike Carscadden said:

>For this ruling I would leave it to the DM's discretion but I would say
>the character would have to choose 1 ie a Palidin shouldn't collect full
>regency for both Law, Temple, and Province holdings its just too much.
>The Locust

I feel it's a matter of campaign flavor here. Characters who control lots
of holdings - either plenty of the same type or some of several types, as
the ranger and paladin - will have their hands full dealing with many
emergencies and gather lots of information, so will tend to spend these
vast amounts of RPs easely.

So I don't object to one player having vast holdings, but he'll have to
expect to be a very busy regent. Right now I'm playing in two games, one
with a small domain (Ilien) and one with a large one (Dhoesone). I often
have a lot more latitude with Ilien than in the north, since Fhiele
Dhoesone must constantly spend plenty of RPs just to respond to threats
(when she's not pregnant - but that's a story for another day).