Hi, there!

A few days ago someone replied (thanx for that!), that alignment of NPCs
in the domain sourcebooks are not given because the books are for DMs as
well as PCs and alignment should not be revealed to PCs.
Although I get all the supplements out so far, I didn=B4t start the
campaign because at the moment I am playing a PC in my (non-Birthright-
party). I didn=B4t know that the sourcebooks as a whole were ment to be
also for players (again thanks on telling me that!) so I get read the
domain-file on the Birthright-Homepage.

I don=B4t think that giving the complete sourcebook to the players (or at
least to the regent) is a good idea. Sure the regent should know the
history of his realm, the landscape, the people or how his capital (or
his castle) look like.

But a PC should barely know his own statistics (once I played a
character who don=B4t know his ability scores, he knew that he is strong
and charismatic, not all to bright but only the DM knew my exact scores;
time revealed step for step my scores...) nor the statistics of other
PCs. In no case a player should get the stats for an NPC.
The domain sourcebooks go even further, while the tell to PCs the
personality of an famous NPC. Sure the regent should know that his
spiritual adviser is very wise, his paladin-captain-of-the-guard not
just charismatic but also very strong (so extreme ability scores are
easy to notice), and so on.
To get a picture of an NPC and his personality the PC have to roleplay.
It is my part as the DM to play the NPCs and the PCs should create their
OWN opinions about them.

Furthermore I don=B4t want to give away any adventure hooks are even
rumors. The regent should not know every single rumor from the start.

I wonder why the TSR-guys don=B4t use sections for players and DMs as wel=
as sections for DMs only in the books as e.g. the used it with good old

As valuable the domain sourcebooks can be also for PCs, I would only
give them parts thereof (maybe up to 90%) but never the whole one.
Please tell me if you do, and what your experiences are with this
Again, I don=B4t start my campaign right now and maybe my ideas aren=B4t
right in your eyes.

Thanx for your response and thanx for all the good work in this group.
Yours, Franz