Franz Berthiller said:

>While scanning through all the Domain-Sourcebooks a noticed that at the
>stats of the main-NPCs their Alignment is not mentioned.
>Altough it is (atleast sometimes) not all to difficult to determine it
>from their personalities, why the guys left it away?
>Did I overread some sections, did they forget it, or is there a deeper

The reason is quite simple: they are *Player's Secrets* sourcebooks. A
player shouldn't know what the alignment of NPCs are. That is for the DM
to decide.

Though reading through the character description may indicate one alignment,

you must realize that the NPC's description is written as the *regent* sees
him/her. The DM may decide that it is all an act and that the NPC is
a CE spy for the Gorgon! (for example)

Player's shouldn't take anything in the PSs for granted... ;-)

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