Greatings to you all,

This is my first performance on this list, I subscribed just this
afternoon, so I don't know if all will work out.

Anyway, I haven't been playing Birthright a long time, but I like it
a lot! As my PC is a Merchant prince, a guild ruler for the Royal
Giuld of Baruk-Azhik in Coeranys (I got all the guild holdings
there), I would like to kick my copetitors out in a sneaky way. I
have some trouble with the Highland.Overland traders already (made
that happend in the first Domain Turn I ever played) and I would like
to be rid of copetition, for that cuts my profit. I devised a scheme
which I would like to be commented on. I did get the DM's permission
to work it all out after I had given him the rough lines.

Province: Caudraight 5/0, my guild holds 3 of the five holding
levels, I would like them all. The other guild (H/O) smashed many of
my stores the other domain turn, and I coulnd't prove it. I want them
gone, but without having to contest them, how to do that? I lay an

First I collect all the wrongdoings and unlaful acts of them in the
last years (maybe with a Law proficiency check, and if wanted an
Espionage action). Then I exaggerate those foul deeds, and make them
obvious to the local rulers (3 Law holding levels are in the hands of
a fellow in my group, both PC's are friends and the local ruler
doesn't know I plan this, I believe he has some lawful part in his
alignment, the other bloke is an alright chap if you give him some
money). So the rulers can decide wether to punish the other guild or
not. I try to hide my identety away as much as possible (Law check?).
But if the result is not to my liking, I can always hire the powers
of the newly introduced PC to our group, an elven Enchantress with
Scources in Couranys. She is in dire need for money, and I have some.
She will be able to charm Breadon (the local ruler and fellow
advenurer and friend of my PC) during a dinner during which they will
discuss her possible position of lieutenant at his bidding. She
charms him, and tries to persuade him to do somethig about the other
guild. This really is in his own interest (no merchant war) and she
wouldn't be lying to him (which I couldn't allow as being CG). WHAT
DO YOU THINK? Is it possible at all? I was hoping this could all take
place in one Domain Turn, so I can usurp the free slots without much

Mail me personally please.

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Sebastiaan G.P. Berendse

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