Gee folks! Take it EASY! I did not intend to start a copyright law
war! Different companies feel have varying policy on the use of their
logos and so forth. The only way to find out how a company feels is to
ASK! I am a computer services person myself. I maintain 1 LAN, 1 WAN
and a web site. I know how important copyrights are and how improtant
intellectual property is. As a member of a profession where these issues
are constantly being discussed and rights of authors and companies
continually being challenged, I both understand and respect TSR's
position on this matter and would not dream of violating their wishes.
People are terribly concerned with corporations violating the public
trust, but we seldom realize that the companies we support implicitly
trust us to abide by their wishes concerning their property.

I feel as if TSR's response to my question was timely, curteous and
totally acceptable. Please do not turn a simple question into a US
Sumpreme Court case.

Smile! Life ain't all bad!

Jonathan Picklesimer