Hail and Well Met,

I did purchase the Tuarheivel PS and I have loved every page of it! I
wish that I had purchased it before I ran my PC's through there on their
way north. I did happen to do some things that will fit in quite nicely
with what the PS discussed though. I was really well pleased.

How do you all as GMs handle the personal body guard of a regent or of
any armed troops that are traveling with a party? I have read and reread
the rules on skirmishing in the BR Rulebook and I still have not quite
got them figured out. How do you get your PCs to understand that the
extra muscle of the guards and or extra troops is well worth splitting up
the xp? Does anyone use the war cards battle system on a regular basis?
I really like the land based rules, but the sea rules, from hte Cities of
the Sun expansion or the Sea something are a bit unweildy, especially
regarding the markers. I digress. HOw do your players react to the war
card games? How do you keep a large party entertained, especially when
one member of the party is politically dominant in the setting?

Finally, has anyone ran their PCs through the Njarlgrim's Doom adventure
at the end of the Rjurik Highlands book? I am about to put my PCs
through it and I was curious as to how much success others had with the
campaign. I was also thinking of adding a twist. One of my PCs, a druid
from the Hogunmark, wants to be blooded in the worst way. Honestly, if
he was blooded, it may add a little twist to the political situation I am
building for my soon to be regent character. The idea behind the
adventure is to avenge the death of an ancient scion of a PCs family who
died at the hands of someone wielding a cursed tighmeivril blade. At the
end of the adventure, the spectral scion of the PC takes the blade and
removes it from this world so that Erik, the main god of the Rjurik
people, may unmake it and thus allow the spectral scion to rest in
peace. I was considering having the druid's bloodline restored after the
unmaking of the sword. That would, I feel, be an interesting twist that
would solve a couple of problems in my group. The big question is, is
the restoration fo the bloodline a reasonable result of the weapon being

Your thoughts??

Thak Stonehead
Servant of Gillack Longhammer