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    Surprise Surprise !!! :)

    The moment I have been waiting for is here !!! (and hopefully some of
    you too :)
    As of by now (1st November 1999 19:42 GMT ) is open
    to business !!

    There should be all the content you can find at Darkstars netbook, but
    also information never before listed on the net (as far as I know).
    After the inital rush of problems and bugs we are eagerly awaiting any
    new submissions.

    For those of us inclined towards history (or not there at the moment)
    the idea of a central webpage for birthright with a nice domain name to
    match came sometime this spring , and money was collected from the list
    (the 70$) and sent to InterNIC for registration. After a few months of
    fighting with DNS servers, lines that didn't want to and total harddisk
    crashes on the server, we finally got the domain name registered in the
    middle of the summer the 10th of June. After that there was some ideas
    for a front page and also some debate about what should be there, and a
    small group of people started working on the site. Arjan Duijs was
    clearly the one with the magical combination of highest skill in HTML
    and lots of time on his hands. So he became the person that had the idea
    behind the layout and also the one that did all the layout !
    Not to mention most of the hard, boring work of converting the HTML was
    done by him (so send lots of thank you mails and checkes to him :)

    So the result can now be freely viewed at
    I would also like to thank: Jason, Andrew, Earl, Chris, Adam, Ian,
    Tommy, Niklas (for hosting the domain for free) and Memnoch + lots of
    others I can't remember at the moment.......

    It has been great to see this project grow into it's now finished
    state.... (well technicly it's of course never really finished, but I'm
    way too happy to think of that now)

    Sindre "Cobos" Berg coordinator for the project
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    Tim Nutting

    Surprise Surprise !!! :)

    Hot damn! You guys did Awesome!

    Tim Nutting

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