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the doubles...

We need 1 betatester for the page. We already have one
(Craig Dalrymple) with a fast connection, but I want another one with a
modem to test it.
So the requirements are thus: modem (56kb or similar "slow" connection),

3-4 hours of spare time this week.
The betatester (or should it be cetatester :) should simply navigate the

pages and report broken links, typo's, give a general comment on the
pages, ease of navigation etc...
It doesn't require any special knowledge, only the will to report all
the errors found...

So what do you get for this :)

Well you get to see the pages before mostly everyone else, and also you
get added to the credits section :) Apart from that not too much...
(you do get that warm fuzzy feeling inside though... :)

Anyone interested contact me at

Sindre, coordinator for

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