Hello , Adam Theo here, on Tuesday, October 05, 1999 at 12:02 AM

another bounced email. be glad that this is an admin'ed list, because
way over half these bounced emails are spam :) these are the ones
which are just bounced to me instead of going on to the list as they
should for some reason (too big, wrong address, etc.). this email's
from jsweeney@cfl.rr.com, who explains the new ORACLE BR list and how
to alter it much better than i ever could. thanks, mr sweeney!

This is to everyone on the new oracle.wizards.com list who is complaining
about Digest mode messages, and everyone on the lists.imagiconline.com list
who haven't yet subscribed to the new list and will probably encounter this
problem when they do subscribe. I am sending this also to the Dark Sun lists
before it becomes a problem and people start complaining. For those of you
on the Dark Sun list, change birthright-l to darksun-l where applicable.

For some reason (most likely to reduce server load due to high traffic on
their lists), wizards has set the default subscription to all listserv lists
on oracle.wizards.com to be digested. This means instead of getting each
message as it is posted, you get one big message at the end of the day with
all the day's messages lumped together in it. this is really annoying,
especially if you are receiving the messages in MIME format (the default),
which causes each digested message (post) to be clipped onto the large
digest as a message attachment which must be opened up separately in most
email clients (including Outlook Express, which everyone seems to be using
these days).

So everyone is bitching that they hate the new list, because they don't like
these digest-format messages.

Why, oh WHY are my messages digested, they say. How can I possibly get my
messages individually?

When you first subscribe to any list on oracle.wizards.com, you will receive
a welcome message. This welcome message contains all of the instructions
needed to use the list, including a list of your default list settings, and
instructions on how to change them. Most everyone seems to have immediately
deleted this message (*THWAP*).

If you haven't yet subscribed to the new list, you can do so by sending an
email to listserv@oracle.wizards.com. This email should have a BLANK subject
line, and should read "subscribe birthright-l "
replacing and with your first and last name
accordingly, and without the quotes. And for those of you who haven't yet
subscribed, you now have your advance warning to actually READ the welcome
letter so you can adjust your settings.

For those of you who didn't read the welcome letter, I will post this one
more time.

Send an email to listserv@oracle.wizards.com. Leave the subject line blank.
In the message body, type "set birthright-l noack repro nodigest" This will
change your list settings so that you will receive a copy of each message as
it is posted, you will receive a copy of each of your own posts, and you
will NOT receive a short acknowledgement letter that your post was received
by the list every time you post. If you would rather receive a short
acknowledgement of your post than the entire post itself, you can change
"noack repro" to "ack norepro". If you would rather receive both a copy of
your post "ack repro" and neither is obviously then "noack norepro".

You can also change whether your messages appear in MIME or text format,
whether you receive full or partial headers, and stuff like that. The
software is immensely customizable. For a full list of commands, send an
email to listserv@oracle.wizards.com with no subject, and the message body
reading "info refcard".

And next time, read your welcome message. :-)


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