Hello , Adam Theo here, on Monday, October 04, 1999 at 10:26 PM

a forwarded email that was bounced to me from
asesorwc@cafedecolombia.com. a simple note, everyone: don't attach
files to your emails. especially pics, because they will make th email
too big in file size, and the mailing list won't send it out.

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Got a question,

Someone knows something about the isle of dragons, in the eastern coast of
the cerilian continent?

For strange circumstances my party arrived to this Island and I have to
design something to continue with the adventure.

If you can send me an idea, or may be some information, I will appreciate

By the way, one of the characters discover that he is half-breed Gold
dragon-human, I thought that control this situation was easy, but he
discover also, that some of his abilitties scores could be up dated...
then, he now has 20 sthengh and 20 in intelligence... I need some solution,
not an arbitrary one, to reduce this scores, or may be cause some troubles
(curses?) to this character.

Thanks a lot,

Jorge Arango Velasco

I'm attaching a dragon pic, it is also in

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