To Whom it May Concern,

I've been playing D&D since 1990. None of your published game worlds ever
truly captured my imagination before Cerilia. In fact, I was so disappointed
with the quality of TSR products in general that I stopped buying them
sometime in the early mid-nineties, and even dismissed Birthright as "some
stupid Viking world" when it was first released. I moved on to other
role-playing games.

Early this year, a friend of mine convinced me to join his AD&D campaign. I
finally agreed and made a character, and I remembered how much fun AD&D
could be, despite its mechanical shortcomings. I looked past all that and
was elated to return to role-playing in a predominantly fantasy setting. I
read the Player's Option rules, and was duly impressed by the flexibility
that had been added to the system. After years of playing Vampire,
Cyberpunk, Mekton Z and Mage, I was once again hooked on Dungeons and
Dragons. I bought the Core Rules CD-Rom, I went back to the notes I had on
my old campaign world and started adding to them. About a month ago, I
eventually found myself perusing the Wizards' web site and read the BR
preview article.

I went out and bought the BR boxed set the next day. Soon after, I had Blood
Enemies, The Book of Priestcraft, Rjurik Highlands, and Tribes of the
Heartless Waste. I have purchased a used copy of the nearly impossible to
find Book of Magecraft from someone on the Internet. I will probably buy
Cities of the Sun and Havens of the Great Bay soon to add to my collection.
I joined the Birthright mailing list. I have informed my regular playing
group that as soon as our current campaign ends, I will be starting a
Cerilian campaign and they WILL be playing.

Word has spread on said list about a Book of Regency, which was canceled
right before its final edit, due to the cancellation of all D&D game worlds
other than Forgotten Realms, DragonLance and Greyhawk. Dedicated fans of
Cerilia have begun wondering to each other if it would be possible for
Wizards to release this book as is for download on It seems
silly that Wizards would invest development money in such a supplement and
then never publish it. At the very least, providing it as a download (a la
Will and the Way, or the Player's Guide to Muden), would generate interest
in the game world, and allow Wizards' marketing people a chance to see what
kind of potential audience might purchase BR products, should the campaign
be reopened after the publication of 3e.

More important than this opportunity to gauge the market, however, is the
opportunity to put this shelved product to use. It is obvious to me, as a
writer, reading the Birthright products that I own, that this game world was
not developed simply to make a product. The writers have shown a deep love
of this game world, and have drawn from a wellspring of creativity and
innovation to make it the best campaign setting ever published for D&D. The
creators of Birthright are plainly its biggest fans, and this setting bursts
to life from the energy that the creators have put into it. To completely
withhold this book from publication, when it is all but finished, must be a
painful ordeal for those who wrote it, as they will not have the opportunity
to share the work with us fans on the outside, and they will never receive
the praise and credit that (assuming the product meets the standards
previously set by the line) they so richly deserve for writing it.

I would gladly purchase this book, were it to appear on the shelves of my
local game shop. Since that is not possible, I would leap for the chance to
download the text of the supplement, so that I can use it in my upcoming
campaign. From what has been said about it, it answers many questions, and
addresses the extremely few weaknesses I have found so far in the world.
Please consider posting this document. It would take approximately 20
minutes to save it as an RTF or DOC file, post it on the server, and create
a hyperlink to it on the D&D downloads page. 20 minutes of work that would
please hundreds of fans, and likely generate much interest in the world of
Cerilia and the D&D game itself. This expanded interest will only lead to
more sales, and a bigger, blacker bottom line for Wizards. I can't think of
a better way to invest the work that has already been done on this book.

Thank you for your time,

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