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Thread: Book of regency

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    Craig Dalrymple

    Book of regency

    The Book of Regency was written for the Birthright setting, and so close to
    produciton, the ink was wet. (I guess ink is always wet before production,
    don't get technical ok? :) Then the line was closed. All products complete,
    or in production were cancelled. The work on them stopped.

    Birthright fans took a hard shot to the chest that day. Nearly got us too!
    We have since rallied back and proven that we don't need new product to
    support and enjoy this setting. We just would like it.

    When the line was in production, somewhere near it's end, the product:
    Players Secrets of Muden was released on the internet as a download. Many of
    us have downloaded it.

    The Book of Regency is all but finished. I have had people on the TSR side
    of this tell me so. It's in a complete enough form to be released but was
    never put to the final edit.

    Birthright fans were frothing at the mouth for this one. We still are. From
    what was hinted in the product, some necessary clarifications were going to
    be released in it.

    Give us this book.


    If you won't sell it, will you at least put it up on your website and make
    it available for download?

    This would be great for the fans of Birthright. It would be great for the
    people who developed it to finally hear the accolades we are waiting to pile
    upon them for designing it. It would be great for PR.

    It would also show you how many of us are out there. It would be a great way
    to see how much active support the product has. Just in case you are looking
    at games and trying to think about which world might get a shot at a return
    after 3E is released. Maybe, just maybe, you'd see enough of a response to
    deem that Birthright might need to rise up and see production again.

    I know Rich Baker wants it. I know Ed Stark wants it. They are great
    designers. They poured themselves into the product and did a WONDERFUL job
    with it. Carrie Bebris would love it too. I understand that she is now
    freelance, but you could contract her to pick up where she left off. She
    loves the world like a fan, and has the talent to develop it all at the same

    I respect these three people to a great degree for their design skills. I'd
    buy them a drink at the bar if I met them. Just one. ;)

    Please give them a shot at shining. Please give us a shot of support.

    Let the Book of Regency become a download. See how many of us would have
    actually PAID for it in the first place. Then think... what would happen if
    Birthright had a new hardcover that updated it's rules early in 2001? What
    if it had a short story based arc of products that tested the fan base even
    further. The arc could complete itself by June of 2001. You would have a
    clear idea of the potential for support, and you'd see a number of
    Birthright fanatics come out of the woodworks to cheer you on. We can give
    articles to Dragon and Dungeon. WE can support it at conventions. We can
    help you sell the line.

    I know it's early in the game, but I am not waiting for the first kick. I'm
    training. Gimme the product line eh? It's damn good.

    Thanks for your time,

    Craig T. Dalrymple

    p.s. I am sending a copy of this to the Birthright Mailing list. Contacting
    you on this was someones idea and I want them to know that I support it.
    Also, the others will see this and perhaps be inspired to send you a few
    lines as well. I hope I am right, brace your inbox...

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    Book of Regency

    >>>Send to: Ryan S. Darcy at:
    or Keith Strohm at:

    They probably have work addresses, but I don't know em.

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