Hello , Adam Theo here, on Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 2:16 AM

any thoughts on the relationships between the mortal world and the
shadow world? i am starting a new campaign (after my large 10 year
one is coming to a close), and very unlike the last one, this new one
will be dealing *very* heavily in the shadow world, extra planar
creatures, demons, mebhaighl, necromancy, cold rider, history and
nature of the shadow world and mortal world, etc. my last campaign was
very temporal-based, with all events revolving around who was warring
who, guilds, and politics. this next one is going to be very
different, because of the characters involved in this one. they will
be delving into the nature and mysteries of the shadow world and
necromancy, so i would like some input on one very important subject:

how do the shadow world and the mortal world fir into the big picture,
the big structure of the universe, so to say? details, please. i am
looking for what purpose the two worlds (which i see as two sides of a
coin) serve, instead of just one.

thanks all, i'm really needing some input, then i'll share my ideas on
demons and creatures of the shadow world.

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