Hello Birthrighters, Adam Theo here,
on Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 2:40 AM

this is just the friendly, local admin of the birthright list here to
give you all a very important message from WotC.

they are now ready to start changing the list over to their server,
oracle.wizards.com, and away from MPGN's ImagicOnline servers. they
will be using an Oracle 8i database (don't worry if you don't
understand) and a list server program (ListServ i assume).

but, this all means that although the original plan was to
automatically transfer the subscribers over to the new lists, it will
not be possible because the new system *requires* (absolutely needs)
the subscriber's first and last names with the email address, which
the ImagicOnline list currently does not contain. so we will all have
to manually subscribe over to the new list. thankfully this will
probably be the last time we have to change for a long time.

so, in short, this is what you do to subscribe to the new list:

1) send an email to mailto:listserv@oracle.wizards.com
the from: address must be what you want the posts sent to
2) put this in the BODY of the email:
subscribe birthright-l FirstName LastName
3) wait, then hopefully get the Welcome Message in your email
4) then use the posting address in the Welcome Message to post a
short message to the new list to make sure you are able to post and
others are able to receive.

as far as i know, the lists (new and old, that is) will be
incompatible, meaning that posts to one will not go to the other. so
until October 1st (when this old list will be shut down), try posting
all your messages to both addresses. i'm afraid i don't know the email
address to use to post to, however.

for the official webpage for the new list, go to

good day to you all!

- -- The Bat! v1.35, PGP 6.5 Signed.
ADMIN Adam Theo, A Patriotic Libertarian American Buddhist.
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