> On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Morg wrote:
> >
> > What if the Cauldron is actually the property of the Cold Rider, and it
> > was he who gave it to the Warlock for some dire purpose? (Perhaps the
> > Cauldron weakens the Evervesence (sp?) and allows the Cold Rider ever
> > more influence upon Cerilia?)
> >
> > Thoughts?
> What if the undead soldiers that it powers produce are really loyal to the
> Cold Rider and not the warlock? Maybe Shadow World spirits use the bodies as
> portals and inhabit them after the host dies its first death. This way agents
> of the Cold Rider start to invade the Cerilia and when the Cold Rider comes
> through he has a already made army.
> T

If you want some insights into the cauldron, I would read the book, Black
Cauldron, by Lloyd Alexander, All sorts of adventure hooks there (whole series
could easily be a BR campaign....)

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