Hello folks,

(Nice list o' names too Mark, thanks!) I am wondering if anyone has
seen stats for the 'albino spider' that was introduced as a shadow world
nasty in the Iron Throne novel? It sounds very familiar, but for the
life of me, I cannot recall if it is already detailed in the MC or not.

Also, here is a nasty I have been writing for a few hours last night.
It's based on the beast of the same name from the 'Iron Tower Trilogy'
(by Dennis L. Mackernnan - I hope I spelled that right...)
I would appreciate comments concerning the different appearance and
powers the beast has from the Shadow World and Cerilia. I was thinking
of trying to introduce this concept in nearly all my Shadow World -
Cerilia creatures. (Thus skeletons etc. as we know it appears
differently *IN* the Shadow World) That should put the fear back into
my old croney players. ;)~

Climate/Terrain: Any
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Pack
Activity Cycle: Nocturnal
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Low (2 - 3)
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

No. Appearing: 1 - 6
Armor Class: 4
Movement: 18
Hit Dice: 3+2
No. Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 2d4
Special Attack: Poison Bite
Special Defense: 90% Invisible when still
Magic Resistance: 10%
Size: M (4 ft. at shoulder)
Morale: Fearless
XP Value: 750

The Vulg are a breed of evil hounds, believed to be native to the
Shadow World, but sometimes appear upon Cerilia through Shadow World
incursions, or some say, as a result of evil summoning magic's. They
appear as nearly featureless but massive hounds of blackness when upon
Cerilia, though while in the Shadow World, they are reported to appear
very similar to giant timber wolves, and only the burning red eyes
distinguish them from such mundane wolves.
The Vulg's eerie howl is said to be similar to the wailing of a
banshee, and is often associated with death, for those who hear it,
seldom live to see the morning sun. It is popularly believed that the
howl of a vulg can freeze a man in his tracks, and that even the
sturdiest war horse will die of panic and fear at the mere sound of it.
The beasts exude a slight sulfur smell continually, but the smell grows
strong and is easily detectable when the beast is agitated.

Combat: The Vulg are renown for their cunning, intelligence, and
relentless stalking abilities, but it is their ability to blend with
shadows that makes these creatures truly dangerous. The beasts are 90%
invisible while motionless, and it is often only their sulfuric smell
that alerts victims to the beasts presence. Vulg seem to possess this
ability only while they are upon Cerilia, and when encountered in the
Shadow World, they surprise victims normally.
However, the vulg's most fearsome attack, is it's poisonous bite. A
successful bite results in the victim making a saving throw vs. poison,
with death resulting from failure within 48 hours. Even if the saving
throw is successful, the skin will "bubble" and blacken around the area
of the bite, and while cause an additional 1d4 points of damage per
round until healed by magical means. No known curatives have yet been
developed for Vulg poison.

Habitat/Society: The vulg were once said to have been a normal variety
of wolf, but were corrupted by the presence of the Cold Rider shortly
after his arrival in the Shadow World. Many of the more superstitious
believe the animals now serve him as agents of evil and that he sends
them into Cerilia to do his bidding. Whatever the truth of it, the
beasts are evil incarnate, and relish in the act of killing and
They exhibit many of the pack like tendencies of normal wolves, but are
driven by a greater intelligence that is only dominated by their
instinctive blood lust. Vulg packs have been known to forgo their
intended quarry, instead giving into their instinctive blood frenzy and
slaughtering nearby sheep or cattle by the dozens before finally
resuming the hunt for their original target.

And speaking of the shadow world....

I managed to complete my Birthright collection (almost... still missing
some of the Dragon magazines..) with the Warlock module the other day.
While it is rather... high magic.... I was intrigued with the Cauldron
and it's abilities. I had a thought as I lay sleeping that I would like
some discussion on. Ok, here goes...

What if the Cauldron is actually the property of the Cold Rider, and it
was he who gave it to the Warlock for some dire purpose? (Perhaps the
Cauldron weakens the Evervesence (sp?) and allows the Cold Rider ever
more influence upon Cerilia?) Also, if the artifact was the property of
the Cold Guy (who most folks consider to be Azrai I think), that might
justify it's rather mega power, no??? This might also open up an
interesting concept: why would Azrai/Cold Rider give such a wonderfully
evil gift to the Warlock, and not the Gorgon? Has the Gorgon fallen
from favor of Azrai? Could the Hand of Azrai temples be secretly loyal
to the Gorgon's son?? Will there be a coup in the Crowns?? Is the
Warlock actually trying to open a portal into Cerilia for the Cold
Rider??? Hmmm..... evil feeds upon itself they say...


Morg the rambling
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