> What , who says this list will die, after three years I have seen them come
> and go and come and go,,,,but I like the idea of being subversive.....
> OK back to lurking,,,,,,
I don't think the point is for this list to die, it sounds like they
want to move the list over to the Wizards listserver so they can be
responsible for it. They did the same thing to the alternity list a
long time ago, and this has been planned for some time I think. The big
outage that mpgn had encouraged WotC to speed the process (not that it
was mpgn's fault, but I'm sure the WotC tech guys took some flak and
decided they wanted more control; that, and it rarely hurricanes in
Seattle), and while the server crashes rather often
for my taste, it's rarely down more than a few minutes. This indicates
more support for us, not less I think. I just wish they would make the
default on the server to automatically send you a copy of your own
messages :)
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