Ok, so I guess I will now get two copies of the Birthright list when I am
migrated :) Sorry, I didn't see or hear anything about that.

On another point, that some of you may be interested in. TSR's message
boards can be accessed through a newsreader. I found this on their website
tonight as well. I didn't write down the URL, sorry; but there was a line
right in the message boards area (I went into the RPGA area, but this was
without member ID)and found some info about their server name so you can get
it from a newsreader (such as Outlook Express).

There's a lot of groups in there. One for Birthright! Mostly light in the
postings on many of the groups. Plus, I sure didn't subscribe to em all. If
you don't feel that wizards is trying to take over the net, you might go
hunting and try to find this. Or send me an email and I'll figure it out
after I get some sleep.

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