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> Hello all.
> So, what's the scoop with Birthright.net? It's been awhile, and still
> nothing shows but the test page. Can someone give us an update as to
> what is happening there? If possible, I would like to see a 'menu' page
> of sorts on the .net ASAP, so we can all see what the planned contents
> of the project are going to be.
> As I understand it, the netbook has been 'abandoned' by Darkstar, and
> that he has given it over to the .net crew? Is this the case? My own
> Adytum pages have been sitting getting dusty for awhile as well, but I
> am in the process of redoing the site and expect to debut it in a few
> weeks, (and will begin working on the updates at that time.)
> Anyway, that's it. Just getting anxious. ;)
> Later!
> Morg
> PS.
> I just got CC2 & DD2 and am itching to begin mapping some of Cerilia.
> Just thought I'd ask to see if anyone out there has already done some?
OK here goes...
I realise my information duties haven't been followed up properly.

Well here's the story. We've had an immense amount of trouble with first the
server, and then later the line the server is connected to, which has
delayed us a lot. Now all those issues seems to be addressed and we are set
up with the correct DNS on the correct server, with all the proper settings.
The only problem now is some minor bugs and a some small fixing. That is
when that is finished we got to add the actual content.

If I am being pushed into giving away an ETA I will say end of this week or

About the netbook, Darkstar said he didn't have time to keep on uploading
it, so we will copy all the information off of it and start adding new
stuff....The same can go for the former netbook content of the Adytum if you
like Morg ?

And even it looks like nothing is heppening I am working my butt of with
trying to get things rolling... :(

Sindre, coordinator for birthright.net

(My apologies for being grumpy....)
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