Hello all.

So, what's the scoop with Birthright.net? It's been awhile, and still
nothing shows but the test page. Can someone give us an update as to
what is happening there? If possible, I would like to see a 'menu' page
of sorts on the .net ASAP, so we can all see what the planned contents
of the project are going to be.

As I understand it, the netbook has been 'abandoned' by Darkstar, and
that he has given it over to the .net crew? Is this the case? My own
Adytum pages have been sitting getting dusty for awhile as well, but I
am in the process of redoing the site and expect to debut it in a few
weeks, (and will begin working on the updates at that time.)

Anyway, that's it. Just getting anxious. ;)


I just got CC2 & DD2 and am itching to begin mapping some of Cerilia.
Just thought I'd ask to see if anyone out there has already done some?

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